Benefits of Telemental Health Services

As has been posted on numerous occasions, at Templar Counseling Services we offer a host of services to meet your needs.  We do our best to ensure we are offering as many avenues that can help assist our patients at getting their needs met.

One way we have done this is by offering Telemental Health Services.  This allows us to provide services thru a host of online means.  We currently are offering video, chat, and email options.  This we feel opens many doors to people in Missouri.  Our services will allow you, as long as you have internet access, to have counseling sessions right in your own home.  This can be very convenient and cost saving.

With online counseling it also opens up more flexibility.  We offer a host of hours that we can have sessions.  This includes times in the early morning till late in the evening.  We are even willing to have sessions on the weekends.  We are here to assist you with getting the help you need, thus why we offer such a diverse and broad schedule.

We offer sliding scale.  We are willing to meet your income needs.  We want our services to be affordable and be within your budget.  There are restrictions on these services, so please review our FAQ section.

It should be noted that at times we do have special promotions on our services and these times will be clearly marked and listed on our website.

Telemental health has been shown to be effective, cost effective, and offer a very flexible means of obtaining services.  We offer short waiting periods, you won’t have to worry about being booked out for three months.

We offer a free 20 minute consultation if you would like to get to know us better and our services.  We look forward to talking to you and welcome all emails, and phone calls.


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