Marriage and Relationship Counseling

Marriage and relationships can be full of ups and downs.  Some people find as time passes the passion that filled their relationship may flicker or have smoldered to nothing.  Others may find that the passion they once loved may have become an inferno of the wrong kind!  So how do you keep things in balance?  How do you ensure you both remember what brought you together?

We encourage couples to keep things fresh, realistic, and maintain open communication.  When issues arise address them in the moment.  Often things ignored become bigger problems in the end.  Be intimate and go on dates!  Remember when you used to stay out all night and thought of nothing but being together?  Balance schedules and make sure you keep date nights, they are important and keep intimacy alive.

If you have a disagreement talk about it.  If you make it about hurting each other you both lose.

Often Couples avoid seeking counseling in relationships because of stigma.  Counseling offers a unique advantage of providing a safe, neutral place that you and your significant other can express feelings, concerns, and explore alternative views.

If you care seeking marriage or couples counseling in the Farmington, Missouri area we would love to help you and your significant other on your journey.