Who can Benefit from Therapy?

Often therapy is considered to be reserved for people with serious ongoing life issues or struggle with mental health daily in their lives.  This thought process could play a part in the continued stigma of mental health in society.  Most people do not hesitate to mention they went to the dentist or their primary care physician, however if someone mentions that they had to see a counselor/therapist there for some unfortunate reason judgement may be faced by the person.  These judgments are harmful to society as a whole as it often influences a person to not seek help when they could really benefit from it.  People often will worry about how others will see them and are afraid of being stigmatized by society and shunned by their friends, family, and possibly their work place.  These fears at times lead to people trying to manage their emotions or mental health symptoms on their own alone.  This approach at times can lead to increased struggles for the person and possibly maladaptive coping strategies being adopted.  If maladaptive coping strategies are being utilized this can lead to further struggles for the person in their daily life.

So who can benefit from therapy?  People from all walks of life can benefit from therapy.  It does not matter their age, profession, level of education, or what their faith base is.  If someone comes to see a counselor/therapist does not mean they should be shunned in society.  This thought process is irrational and damaging to all parties in society.

Mental health is a very important aspect for society and the more people who are healthy emotionally the better society and communities will become.  At Templar Counseling Services we offer not only Counseling and Therapy Services but we also offer Lifestyle/Life Balance services.  We want to see you prosper and progress in your life.  We understand the struggles that life can throw at us and we want to assist you on you way to finding balance again.  Here is a link of services we offer https://templarcounselingservices.com/services/  If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us at 573-953-3005 and I can personally be reached at wbarton@templarcounselingservices.com.


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