Why Choose Templar Counseling Services?

We like to think of ourselves as not being your conventional counseling service provider.  We are constantly working to advance the ways that we can provide services to our clients.  As such we are always working on better ways to make services accessible.  One of the ways that we do this is we do not keep conventional hours.  We offer flexibility in our schedules so we can be available at times when you are likely to be available.  We are willing to travel for sessions or provide services in home.  We currently are offering services in the St. Louis area as well as Southeast Missouri.  We are specifically providing services in Farmington, Park Hills, Bonne Terre, Ironton, Fredericktown, other areas are possible so please call for details.  We do charge a travel fee so please call for specifics.  We do provide services in the St. Louis area but please be sure to call so that this can be discussed in greater detail.

We feel that in home services offer a distinct advantage over coming into an office.  You tend to be more relaxed in your home and this tends to assist in the therapeutic process.  We do not keep regular office hours and as such we do not have an office.  This gives us the ability to have greater flexibility to meet the needs of the people we are providing services to.

We believe that mental well being is an important aspect of your health and feel that far too often it is neglected by many people in society.  Services are hard to obtain because people have hectic schedules.  We are working to change that by making services more accessible.  We understand people have to work and at the same time you have needs that need to be addressed as well.  We are working to try and make it easier for you to care for your mental well being.



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